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My name is Angela, I’m 41 years old and I have a 19 year daughter, whom is my rock and my world, just us two girls against the world, as long as it’s full of Giraffe’s.

I suffer with OCGD, Obsessive, Compulsive Giraffe Disorder.
I have loads of cuddly toys, canvas prints, cross stitch pictures my friend Clare has stitched for me, bookmarks, key rings, tall wooden statues, ornaments, tons of other stuff. My friends and family are always giving me presents with something to do with giraffes.

They are beautiful and elegant and very tall. (Everything I’m not.)

Now that I have explained my obsession with Giraffes, you can imagine my joy when I was taken to Colchester Zoo for my birthday with my daughter Jess to feed them. I had the biggest smile on my face all day at just the thought of touching them let alone feeding one.
When they came strolling towards us with their beautiful long legs, and sexy long lashed eyes I was in total awe of these magnificent creatures. I honestly thought I would be scared because they were so tall and wonderful, but I wasn’t. I think the awesomeness of their prescience threw my fear straight out the window.

I’d never felt so happy and to feed them, leaves and carrots was magical. I actually gently squeezed one of their mouths, even though we were told not to touch them, well I couldn’t resist! (So glad I did.) They were really soft, I just wanted to climb over the fence and cuddle one. One of them kissed Jess too. We fed them several times and went back later on in the day for the next feeding time.
We left the zoo after raiding the gift shop on loads of Giraffe goodies, and my friends brought me an adoption pack; “Isha the Giraffe” we also got to feed her, which was brilliant! I came away with tears in my eyes, as I never thought I would ever touch one let alone feed one of my favourite animals in the entire world.

I have been there several times since to feed them again. I defiantly recommend taking your children and it’s also fun for adults, an amazing and wonderful experience.
You can feed other animals; we fed the elephants which was cool. However I only had eyes for those lovely Giraffes

If you get the time, I would recommend it.

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