Chloe The Curly Necked Giraffe

Chloe the Curly Necked Giraffe is the first in a series of children’s story picture books aimed at helping children with dyslexia to be able to step inside the imagination of the writer and follow the words with ease.

In the second series and guided by Professor Ian Smythe

“Underneath the Alphabet Tree”

Chloe and her friends delicately explain all about dyslexia and what sort of things can help

Studies into early reading show that an amazing 20% of children will be affected by dyslexia, and while there are many programmes in operation to help these children, the Dyslexic Association has done some research into font styles that will help with reading in the early stages.

The text has been designed to help dyslexics by reducing the symmetry of the letters and adding weight to the base line. It will also help any adult reader who may lack confidence to read out loud to a child because they themselves may suffer from being dyslexic.