The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is the world’s leading children’s publishing and multimedia products event. 2013 will be its 50th edition.

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The Bologna Children’s Book Fair

We are attending the Bologna Children’s book fair and it’s our aim to sell Chloe into countries outside the UK.

Chloe The Curly Necked Giraffe is a series of children’s picture books aimed at the 4- to 8-year-old market and is proving to be a success in the UK on many levels.

Chloe The Curly Necked Giraffe is aimed at helping children with dyslexia to be able to step inside the imagination of the writer and follow the words with ease.

The text has been designed to help dyslexics, by reducing the symmetry of the letters and adding weight to the base line. It will also help any adult reader who may lack confidence to read aloud to a child because they themselves may suffer from dyslexia.

Chloe’s story is one of bravery and being different, which can be part of everyday life in the world we live in. She shows the reader that it’s OK to be different and, in doing so, helps children to overcome other people’s prejudices.

Her look is unique, utterly adorable and beautifully illustrated. The first book of the series of four shows Chloe in fifteen spectacular full-colour illustrations, none of which have been computer-generated, as you will see when you come to our stand: they have been hand-painted in stunning watercolours, which children will want to cherish and look upon time after time.

Chloe The Curly Necked Giraffe is a series of four books taking the reader on a tale of adventure with each book. The books are presented in paperback and are perfect bound with hinge score using 300gsm gloss coated paper for the cover and 150gsm wood-free paper for the text. The cover is 4 pages plus text at 36 pages measuring 10 inches by 10 inches and the first book has a word count of 674.

Chloe’s website has been built to enable her fans to enjoy more than just the books: it’s packed with games, e-cards, drawings to colour in and a growing fan club.

The website also provides information on dyslexia and we are strong supporters of The Giraffe Conservation Foundation. From the website we will be following their magnificent species.

Chloe has just gone to ebook, where she has a read-to-me, or read-by-myself option, with the voice of the author layered with lots of different sounds & background noises.

Developed as a showcase for the tablets with graphics, she sets herself apart from the standard e-pub applications. She has yet to have her first print run, orders are currently being taken for the UK market and she seems to be creating rather a buzz, as the book will also be sold with the CD soundtrack that is proving a success with the e-books.

We are now looking to develop partnerships which will add to the growth of Chloe becoming a success in other countries. The verse tales about Chloe are available in their original format for all English-speaking countries and have also been written in a generic format ready to be translated.

We hope that you will visit us at the Bologna book fair; you will find us on stand 25 B84.