Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Our Vision & Strategy

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation’s vision is that of a sustainable future where all giraffe populations and (sub)species are protected and secure in the wild.

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is the world’s first and only charitable foundation dedicated solely to the conservation and management of giraffe. GCF was founded in 2008 by a small and dedicated group of trustees with a strong concern for giraffe and their conservation in Africa.

Giraffe numbers have nearly halved since the late 1990s from approx. 140,000 to less than 80,000 giraffe across Africa. Furthermore, most people will be very surprised to find out that giraffe are probably of the least researched large mammals in Africa.

GCF’s mission is to get a better understanding of this magnificent species and put workable measures in place to prevent the further decline of these giraffe before it is too late. GCF with its conservation and research partners are working closely with all sectors, and across all countries, to help identify and provide long-term conservation and management for all giraffe populations and (sub)species in the wild.

GCF is a small charity operating almost entirely by volunteers who give their free time and expertise to forward the cause, working with passion to make a difference. GCF invites everyone who has an affection for, or who is seriously concerned about giraffes today to visit the GCF website and find out more about giraffe conservation and GCF’s work.

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation