About me

Tessa Winship


Being an Auntie to three lovely Nieces and a Godmother to a bundle of my friends little ones. I am often called upon to tell a story or two. Not wanting to ever disappoint I started making up tale upon tale, capturing the imagination of my audience and filling them with stories It’s my aim to be able to share these stories with a wide range of readers and my hope that they will be able to enjoy them as much as my loved ones have.

Chloe the curly necked giraffe is my first publication and I hope that it will take your child on adventure after adventure, filled with a wide range of animals for the little ones to remember I have also deliberately focused on a moral for my stories enabling the reader to teach while enjoying valuable reading time together.

It is my hope that Chloe the curly necked giraffe is a book that Children will grow into, from the first time that their little eyes see the hand painted illustrations fabulously finished in soft watercolours, I know that your child will love them for years to come. I have made a conscious effort to make sure that all the artwork in my books is lifelike and has never been computer generated, as you will see when you turn the pages.

Set to rhyme the stories are easy to learn and I have used a typeface especially developed to aid anyone who may suffer from dyslexia. I really hope that you can feel the love in my books and that you can enjoy them with the ones you love.