You don’t need to be able to paint,
to paint a picture in your head.

Tessa is the first to say she sees the picture in her head, and from the moment she created Chloe, Tessa knew how she wanted her to look. From the length of her lashes to the curl in her neck, she knew who Chloe was and, with the help of an illustrator, Tessa painted the pictures that have bought her to life.

Chloe has been a passion in Tessa’s life, along with all the characters she writes about in the book and this shows through her work, through the attention to detail given to each personality. Each of Chloe’s friends has a part to play in the story – from the Owl with the plans and the Zebra with his books, to the Monkey making tea.

Everybody is important.

Chloe the curly necked giraffe is just one in a series of books,
all of the characters appear alongside Chloe,
in adventure after adventure.

Other titles soon to be available.

Chloe The Curly Necked Giraffe

Chloe The Curly Necked Giraffe

Geoffrey Thought He Saw a Ghost

When the Circus Comes to Town

Lionel Begins to Crack

Chloe The Curly Necked Giraffe

Chloe the curly necked giraffe
She is beautiful, strong and brave.
Totally impossible not to fall in love with.

Geoffrey The Zebra

Geoffrey the Zebra
Geoffrey loves to explore
and loves to read

Allywally The Owl

Alywally the Owl
Alywally likes to be organised
so she’s in charge of plans

Imogen the Chimpanzee

Imogen the Chimpanzee
Kind-hearted Imogen always has time to
listen to you over a cup of tea or two

Jessica the Mouse Lemur

Jessica the Mouse Lemur
Our budding photographer,Jessica, like any mouse,
likes to hear the word ‘cheese’.

Wallace the Hippo
Wallace the Hippo
Wonderful Wallace is good and kind.

General Lionel the Hippo

General Lionel the Hippo
Mean, Mean, Mean!



Two of Tessa’s characters need names

(to give you a hint one is mean and one is nice)

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