Born into the sixth generation of a circus family, Tessa was raised in what you could only call “highly unusual” surroundings.

As a child, she performed with her family in shows where costume changes were in abundance from a ballet dancer with the clowns or a trick rider upon her father’s shoulders on horseback, to the court jester running from the Black Knight’s dagger.

No finer training ground could you wish for, to develop a wonderful imagination; one able to create the tales she so elaborately weaves when telling a story.

Tessa first got the travel bug at 20, when she travelled around America for a year, visiting places like San Francisco, Washington DC, New Orleans and many back roads along the way.

Breaking from the weird and wonderful, Tessa settled into a career and worked in both IT and advertising, which enabled her to pursue her love for travel once again. As she headed into her thirties Tessa took time out to visit places further afield like Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil.

More recently, she took a solo trip around Italy in a 32ft motor home – she had learnt to drive only a few days before. She took a year off, and armed with a couple of maps and her dog, Lulu, she drove through France and on to Italy.

It was on this trip that Tessa remembered her great love of stories – and most importantly, story writing. When she returned to London,
her laptop was brimming with tale upon tale, which she wrote, and which should be read, with big chocolate chunks of enthusiasm…


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